Pedro Pablo Kuczynski wins victory over the daughter of the former president, Keiko Fujimori to become the president-elect of the State of Peru. Kuczynski is a business technocrat who worked decades at Wall Street and World Bank before involving in politics. The 77 year old Kuczynski will be the oldest man to be the president of Peru. He won by the thinnest of margins, just 41,000 votes over his female opponent.

On resumption to office, Kuczynski will face- a divided parliament of 18/ 73 lawmakers where the opposition takes the majority, a deepened social division between the educated elite of Lima that represents Kuczynski and the rural countryside where the Fujimori lionized, and a dwindling economy which he’s expected to revamp. The president and his cabinet will need to figure out ways to provide social welfare for 6 -10milion destitute Peruvians, fight drug trafficking and crime and the safe way to jumpstart the mining industry.

However, Kuczynski will face challenge gaining support of the countryside people hence working with his opposition, Keiko Fujimori may be necessary. But the leftists may react to this, especially if he gets too cozy. He will also have to decide if he will grant the corrupt former president, Alberto Fujimori prerogative of mercy. Although, during his campaign he declined such pardon and only consented to house arrest for aged inmates. Kuczynski may again need to reassure the leftist and public that his business-heavy cabinet will not spur conflict of interest in his government. The president’s cabinet is a power circle of top businessmen of Lima and there’s growing fear that the president may put the interest of his corporate friends first and become Lima-centric.

On the other hand, this looks less likely to happen considering the conservative nature and past records of Kuczynski. His supporters have argued that his Cabinet reflects his preference for brain and boardroom.


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