We celebrate over 1.8 billion #Youths on our planet

It is incredible to know that our world has never been this #Young, transformed and connected. #Youths participation has engendered extraordinary result in eradicating poverty, maintaining peace and actualizing sustainable development goals. Today’s #Youths are the most outspoken, creative and open-minded. They are pace-setters, peacemakers, great thinkers. Their contributions to the world  indeed cannot be over emphasized. UN Sec. General, Ban Ki Moon believes #Youths are “leaders of today”.

As much as it excites us to share their success stories we shouldn’t forget that poverty, war and illiteracy hit #Youths the hardest and for a long time till now they shoulder much burden. Many #Youths especially in developing countries are yet to explore their innate potentials- They are lost searching for greener pastures, some wasting away in slums of the inner cities, while others battle addictions, complexity and violence of all sorts.

It is our responsibility- government, organizations, parents, guardians to ensure that #Youths get the support they need to thrive in their endeavors. It will make them not just successful but our community developed in the shortest of time.






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