The heavy contest for the seat of presidency came to a close on 31st of August with a victory for the incumbent. President Ali Bongo  Ondimba defeated the overzealous opposition Jean Ping in a slight lead of 49.8 score to 48.3. Bolingo took power from his father Omar Bolingo in 2009 amid protest and heavy violence.

In the Aftermath of the election, disturbing reaction trailed the result as the opposition die hard supporters took to street to protest the result in a heated riot.


Observers have criticized the poll that re-elected the family dynasty that has been in power since 1960. EU submitted that the process lack transparency and fall short of people’s choice. The US Embassy equally observed that voters were not “well-served” and that too many systemic flaws and irregularities overshadow the election. They call for publication of each polling unit result.

However, Bongo has gone ahead to address the people in an official speech. He thanked his supporters and general public for the re-election. He maintained that ” we are living in a moment where we need to be more solid and more strong together”


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