Kim Jong-un dead? NO

Rumors spread like wildfire and that’s what happened yesterday around 11pm after a Facebook page post Kim’s death news as a condolence message. It writes:

“Our beloved political figure Kim Jong-un passed away. Kim Jong-un was born January 8, 1983 in Pyongyang. He will be missed but not forgotten. please show your sympathy and condolence by commenting on and liking this page”

 Millions of likes, hundreds of comments, retweets trolled the internet to sympathize, and by extension got the attention of the world.Well, the news appeared to be a hoax after no official Korean news network captured it. The Korean news later reacted to it calling the announcement false and misleading. They assert that the leader is “alive and well”.

The authoritative Kim is predicted to be at the threat of being overthrown by political analysts following his oppressive rule over his people. Kim has carefully crush perceived enemies and affirm his leadership over the empire.

The rumor of his death is perhaps the sense of relieve the people longed for and the dynasty collapse they can’t wait to see. For the West, his demise would be the end of nuclear threats.




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