The cost effect of cold war on soviet republic is that the empire of many nations collapsed to a single state and lost its territories. The dissolution of the republic led to political independence of fifteen states all of which have commonwealth ties with Moscow until recently when disagreement overshadowed it.

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine was a huge blow with a lasting impact on the commonwealth of independent states (CIS) such that it created loopholes for Western encroachment.  NATO has opened doors for CIS members other than Russia and only recently, Georgia began negotiating its way to join the organization. Ukraine has also sought West’s military and financial support following the border militarization by Russia. Other Russian allies like Poland and Cuba have equally looked west and accepted mutual relations principally with United States and espoused economic and social liberalization.

Russia is not happy seeing its allies and members turn West and considered it a threat to its national security, in its response to Georgia’s move. As much as it sounds unfair, the reality is that the CIS members have little or no choice. Their offensive move is inspired mainly by the economic situation they are faced with. The former Eastern states struggle putting their economy together, in fact some are on the edge of recession and since Russia still struggles with economic balance they thought it wise to turn to West.





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  1. Hmmm – you have an amazing drug dealer. Ukraine and Georgia will join NATO one day before Turkey joins EU. Now, you figure out when is that going to be my dear. Not to mention your comment regarding economical prospects. You kidding. I mean, you really believe in western economy that is basically down to printing money (till they outsource that to China as well). Keep dreaming!


  2. Even if we shouldn’t believe in the western economy, there’s also this growing fear that Russia might become a military bully. I hear the US runs war games where Russia does to the Baltics what it did to Ukraine. Doesn’t surprise me to find that ex-Soviet states are turning to the West for more than economic reasons.


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