Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Grass dies as Elephants fight.

It is true that political anarchy precipitates violence and the brunt of violence is borne by civilians. Such is the situation in South Sudan and Syria where the citizens are going through unimaginable devastation following the political crisis that surged to war. The people are forced to live under the worst conditions with no glimmer of hope as a result of the insensitive attitude of their leaders.

Five years ago, President Assad of Syria and the opposition rebels engaged in fierce battle for no good reasons, now, Syria  has lost what it can never recover. Over 470,000 people are dead with more than 6million displaced most of which are women and children. In the pathetic case of South Sudan, the inhumane action of president Salva and his vice, Machar have led the country down the road of incomprehensible destruction with heavy humanitarian crisis.

In conflict and war civilians are hit the most, they are either killed in cold blood, displaced, missing, permanently disabled, raped, beaten or subjected to abject poverty. The BIG ELEPHANTS that started the war often manage to find cover while the ordinary people shoulder the pain.



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