John Kerry stepped out to address the press after a marathon meeting with Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva, to say that the two sides have successfully reached a saving deal that will compel Bashar Assad air and ground forces to halt attack and by extension end Syria’s devastating and complex war.

The deal capture in it key actors of the war which include Assad’s Russian-backed forces, US-supported rebel groups, plus regional powers such as Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia who have been directly or indirectly involved in Syria’s five and half year carnage.

The primary aim of the deal is to silence the Syrian guns that have been raging for half decade and also to resume the UN mediation between Assad’s envoy and opposition rebel to achieve final settlement of the conflict.

The deal will require military partnership between Moscow and Washington to fighting ISIS and Al-qaida forces. Kerry believes if there’s compliance to the deal, there will be significant reduction in violence across Syria.


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