Fifteen years on and memories of September 11 still beat inside of Americans like a second heart.The grisly attack launched by Al-qaida terrorist group under the leadership of Osama bin Laden shook the country to a state of high devastation. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and strategic US buildings were destroyed.

As U.S remembers the tragic event, relics of the terror along with tales of sacrifice, loss and fears were shared. Certainly, the economic and emotional exhaustion that came with the attack cannot be comprehended. One may continue to ask where 9/11 have led United States to and what the day actually stands for- a day of US downfall or a day US rose above odds to show resiliency?

However you perceive it you definitely cannot underestimate the faith and bravery of US citizens nor ignore their unity against terrorism. United States apparently is the only one with record of massive terror attack that quickly recovered and still effectively engage with the world

Although, it appears that the ambiance of the environment is still filled with fear and uncertainty which may threaten the national security and foreign policy but this is understandable considering terror the people witnessed.

I believe if there’s anything time cannot erase and forever cannot make forgettable, surely it will  be 9/11



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