The 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) happens live in New York with over 140 heads of states, business leaders, youth leaders, philanthropists, media, NGOs and more. This year’s UNGA is kicking off at a time when the organization is stretched to its limits on humanitarian issues and in dire need of strong commitment and solution.

World leaders will discuss at length ways to resolve the refugee crisis that have more children and women displaced than any other time in human history. The assembly hopes to devise ways to protect the rights, safety and dignity of refugee and migrants everywhere.

The high level meeting will deliberate extensively on how to conquer the Antimicrobial resistance bacteria and infections that stands as threat to global health. Bacteria are becoming increasingly powerful to antibiotic drugs thus resulting in longer illness and deaths. World leaders will talk on ways through and make commitment to improve research and technology that will replace older and ineffective drugs.

Special session will be earmarked to discuss the Paris Agreement on climate change. Countries will be urged to join the pact while those already in it will be requested to speed up implementation.

UNGA will reflect deeply on Sustainable Development Goals. This meeting will mark the first anniversary since the adoption of the global goals. Hence, the assembly will take opportunity to take stock of the progress and proffer necessary ideas that will spur its achievement without leaving no country behind.

Lest I forget, this year’s UNGA is the last for General Secretary Ban Ki moon to preside as UN General Secretary. By 31ist December, he will be retiring after 10 years of assiduous service.



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