What can CNN mean other than Cable News Network? Trump tells us

Trump is naming and shaming again this time is the Cable News Network CNN for their unfair treatment. Trump called out CNN in his interview with O’reilly when he was asked what his concerns are regarding upcoming presidential debate? The real estate mogul expressed that having CNN correspondent moderate the debate is his fear because the news network have the attitude of going after him and a very unfair system of moderation.

He named CNN as an “all democrats” news network  and  says…”I think CNN they call it Clinton News Network”. Really? Yes, Clinton News Network.

Donald J. Trump, the president hopeful is preparing to face Hilary Clinton the Democrat presidential candidate in a face-face live TV debate on Sept.26. The debate will be presided by, among others, CNN political correspondent Anderson Cooper and trump is not very happy about it. Trump is preemptive and he’s sounding the alarm of a possible “rigged” debate.

When asked what is fair? Trump says “having a debate with no moderators, just Hilary and I sitting there talking” Trump says he’s using all kinds of strategy to make this debate tough for Hilary. He pronounced that he’ll use the email issues, reel out her disaster records and if possible, her marital history.

My take: It’s always common for political candidates to feel they’re being attacked because they’re clouded and very insensitive know “neutrality”; its either you are for them or against them, and when they label you “against” you automatically become their opposition’s ally.


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  1. Eh, only blind cannot see very obvious and very open position of CNN towards presidential candidates. To say the least – Trump is certainly not their favorite. You can figure out (I hope) who is their favorite then


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