At the 71 United Nations General Assembly, India indict the government of Pakistan for hosting ivy league of terrorism in its cities. Eenam Gambhir, the first Sec. Pem.mission of India at the UN made this strong case against the Pakistani government an its policies, citing that Pakistan’s actions have ended up sponsoring terrorism deliberately or otherwise to the length that it has now spread beyond its region.

She connects Pakistan’s record of nuclear proliferation to the support of terrorism and how its cities like the land of Taxila now attracts aspirants and apprentices of terrorism from all round the world.This undignifying accusation was made hours after Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif made his speech at the assembly.

India maintained that her concerns are on human rights and global security which appears to be suppressed and threatened by Pakistan’s policies, said on the floor of UNGA.

Flashing back, Pakistan and India have being in turf disagreement over borders of Kashmir and Jammu since 1947 and thus far, Pakistan seem to be getting little international support.

As expected, Pakistani diplomat reacted to the accusation and counter it forthwith. They reiterated their P.M, Sharif’s stance on the case saying Hizbul group is an indigenous freedom movement and that the leader Burhan Wani is not a terrorist.

Although, India did not exercise its second right to respond, it however made a press conference where it condemned Pakistan for glorifying a self-advertised terrorist at such a forum.

World leaders have subtly turn away from Pakistan cause of her affiliation with terrorist groups. Ms. Pande the director, initiative on the future of India and South Asia at Hudson Institute thinks that Pakistan image and position on matters will have no success in the international arena until the day Pakistan stops supporting Jihadi  groups and ideologies.

This reflects in the speaking of Eenam Gambhir, India Pem. mission to UN when she said ” the world has not forgotten that the trail of that dastardly attack led all the way to Abbottabad in Pakistan”, referring to the capture of Osama bin Laden following the Sept.11 terror.



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