Tonight, the 2016 presidential debate is kicking off amid the New York bombing thus, presidential candidates will be expected to tailor their arguments along this line and other cogent issues. The debate will bring together all four candidates, having them defend their credibility and policies to Americans and the world.

Focus will be on the blunt hot headed billionaire, Donald Trump and the crafty woman politician Hilary Clinton. Hilary has been in politics for decades, first as a wife, then as senator and then as secretary of state. Many will expect better and constructive arguments from her.

Trump will be expected to defend his policies on border issue and Islamic states without losing his cool or attacking the moderators. Going by record, this may be difficult if not impossible. The candidate’s temperament, to many, makes him unfit for president.

Nevertheless, the debate is an opportunity for trump to prove his cool  to the voters. Clinton likewise, will have the chance to prove her trustworthiness to a wider electorate who are skeptical of her following the email scandal.

The political broadcast intend to, hopefully, create a sense of direction to the undecisive voters who amount to 20% of the electorate, a figure that is higher than in any election in US since 1992. Many of the undecided thinks there’s nothing to choose between Trump and Hilary.

Jill Stein and Gray Johnson- the unpopular candidates may come out of the closet tonight, you never can tell.


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