The last night presidential debate was a high-stake showdown between trump and Hilary as both candidates went head to head arguing defensively and offensively on national matters. The 90 minutes political broadcast witnessed deep rooted political arguments, personal attacks, satirical gesture and high emotions.

The debate featured discussions on America’s direction (state of the union), achieving prosperity (the economy), and securing America (national security and foreign policy). The debaters talked back and forth highlighting their policies along these lines.

As debate heated up ,  discordant tunes crept in. Clinton  who backed the Iran’s deal and  Muslims was trashed out by trump calling it a disaster and citing the US experience in Middle East. Tax, Iraq war, Trans-Pacific Partnership among others formed strong basis of arguments between the parties

Besides determining which candidate is apt for US, the debate was also a public assessment of Trump”s temperament. As expected,the hot-headed billionaire who succeeded wining the party ticket by publicly using derogatory words on his rivals could barely contain himself during the debate. He constantly interjected Clinton in her own talking time using words like: wrong; not true; excuse me this is important or make sorry faces that ended up stealing attention from Clinton.

However, Clinton was able to get under his skin by commenting that” a man who can be provoked by tweets should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear code” Trump immediately responded that “his temperament is one of his best qualities”.

Donald trump also fired at Clinton saying “she has no stamina to be the president”, referring to her health. In what looks like a well rehearsed response Clinton quoted that “until he visits 112 states negotiating peace treaties and deals…or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional panel, then he can talk to me about stamina”.

CNN instant poll shows Clinton won by landslide. 62% of 521 respondents agreed to Clinton won and 27 to trump. Yahoo however reported that Trump dominated the show and succeeded in getting under Clinton’s skin a plan the Clinton camp earlier proposed. But on the other way round, Clinton had more command of facts and trump was more of a blunt force


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