Mr Antonio Guterres prevailed before the UN Security Council to win the votes to become the next Secretary General. In a swift and harmonious manner the usually divided security council unanimously endorsed Mr Antonio to succeed Mr Ban ki moon in office.

Guterres Antonio is the former prime minister of Portugal and the head of UN refugee agency for 10 years. The 67 year old administrator and veteran politician is described as an astute with high ability to hammer out agreement under difficult circumstances-Mickeal W. Doyle, former UN official.

The process of screening was long and tough. The candidates had gone through series of hearings, debates and media quiz from the civil society groups and general public. This was the first of its kind in history of UN secretary general’s selection and by far, most transparent.

Initially, 13 candidates throw in their caps including 7 women but apparently Antonio seemed to be the favorite of all. Although many had wanted a woman to be the next secretary general for the first time after 71 years of the organization’s existence while others, like Putin had requested for a candidate from the eastern bloc to win the office but as Mattew Rycroft puts it ” they needed someone who will take UN to the next level in terms of leadership and who will provide a convening power and a moral authority at a time when the world is divided on issues, above all Syria…and they believe Antonio Guterres has what it takes”.

His name will be put forward to the 193 members of the UN general assembly for approval which will most likely go well.


Guterres Antonio has a handful of issues to resolve as he steps into office. First, he will have to repair UN reputation as a trusted sovereign organisation that maintains international peace and resolves international disputes, and also restore confidence to states who feel the organisation is manipulated and thinks the UN peacekeeping is  a sham. The peacekeeping has been sullied by sexual abuse and complicity allegations. In addition, he will battle to suppress every political pressure from rich and powerful states, a struggle Ban Ki Moon describes as difficult.

Secondly, he will have to end the Syrian war and reach an effective peace deal under the collaboration of Russia’s president and the incoming US president. More so, he will need find urgent solutions to the unprecedented migration crisis that threatens the twenty first century peace and stability as well as coordinate the UN Department of Political Affairs to devise ways to resolve the South Sudan civil war, the electoral problems that divides state’s politics and the aggressive nuclear ambitions of Middle East and Asia.

In same vein, he will monitor global economy and ensure that free trade and global integration prevail over isolationism which states are beginning to switch to

In all, Antonio Guterres will be expected to continue to maintain world peace and human dignity and suppress every threats to peace, a task described as “impossible job” by the first UN Secretary general, Trygve lie.


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