Allegations are mounting up against Russia for attempting to sway the US general election to her favor. The conjectural report from the United States security department spells out ways the Russian government is using the borderless unregulated cyberspace to hack emails and influence the US election.

The federal bureau of intelligence FBI, two years ago, warned about the probable unauthorized involvement of Russia in the voter’s polls, election reporting system and the media. Now, come the election, there are several reports of cyber attack on national computers.  The Democratic Party president hopeful, Hilary Clinton’s email was hacked and posted on Wikileaks to disparage her personality, the National Democratic Committee’s network was also hacked with attempt to access their classified data. The offensive internet attack on US, according to sources, has Russian government involvement. But why would Putin in his delusion use cyber warfare against the world’s most important election? IR digests investigates.

To Continue the Cold War

Russia is America’s No.1 geopolitical foe since 1945. The relics of the cold war coupled with the invasion of Ukraine and Syrian war have deepened the hostilities between the two global powers and escalated the geopolitical tension between East and West. Putin currently launched the Anti-America campaign, and the cyber attack could be one of his schemes to bring down America.

To Globally Disgrace America

In 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed George Bush Snr. came out to say “a new world order has emerged” which is the triumph of capitalism and democracy. We know that the whole idea of democracy is all embedded in the freeness and fairness of ‘elections’. Imagine United States fall short of it, this will go along way to discredit the ideals US have been campaigning for for decades. Moreover, we know fully well that Russia, a communist state have ties with Middle East a theocrat continent, and China a communist state all of whom US have offended hence, to undercut the legitimacy of this election will be retaliatory.

To Get Back At Hilary Rodham Clinton

In 2012, Clinton, had meddled in Russia’s election when she was the Secretary of State, she criticized the fairness of the process that got Vladimir Putin as president. Now that Clinton is running for presidency Putin may see a reason to disrupt the election, at least to her rivals’ favor.

To Secure Trump’s Victory.

Trump is pro-Russian pro-Putin fraction of US citizens. He has facilitated million dollar investment with Russia and established a good line of relationship with prominent Russia citizens. In some of trump’s interview, he described Putin as a great man with better administrative knowledge than Obama. In 2013, he took Miss Universe pageant to Russia to host because he thinks ‘it’s a great place’. Unlike Clinton, Trump can relate better with Russia so who knows Russia may just be working to support one of her own



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  1. You have shown us your PROPAGANDA ranting and now you should try to show some EVIDENCE. Do you have any? Of course not – EXCEPTIONAL “journalists’ (not) don’t need evidence. You keep typing and we will keep laughing – great deal


    1. We can both agree that attributing cyber attack is hard because of high level of deniability and ungoverning nature of it. The hacker groups behind the scam- FSB and GRU are Russian agencies according to James Clapper director, national intelligence. Senator Mac cain, joe biden have also come out to accuse Russia although they have not substantiated on it. Any way, my article is hypothetical, am saying what if is true why would Russia want to do that? and using the current situation to judge the rationale behind the action. You can relax.


      1. Why investigation has not been REPORTED causing OFFICIAL investigation (by FBI)? It seems that one political party in USA is using the “Russian card” for their daily political purposes recklessly ignoring long term interests of USA (not military industrial complex though). It takes VERY LOOOONG TIME to investigate this sort of attack but some politicians in USA declared who is behind it almost immediately. EXCEPTIONAL “experts” for sure


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