Mrs Clinton is one of the most recognizable but least understood figures in American politics. As a politician, Mrs. Clinton struggles to realign her overlapping personal life from her career and improve her falling political reputation which has been at odd with public opinion. About 55% of Americans hold anti-Hilary views or distrust Mrs. Hilary’s sincerity towards the office she seeks. Hilary-hating has surged since the email scandal and Libya bombing. The popularity of the former senator and first lady plunged to a low level such that her discussion became a national pastime for both the elite and the lumpen.

Antipathy against Mrs. Hilary is pitched unprecedentedly by sexism. There’s no misgiving to the fact that Mrs.  Hilary has been an object of male chauvinism and sexual humiliation. Whenever she sought after power, unbridled criticism will arise with regards to her physical fitness and sexuality. More often, her rival, Donald trump attacked her with words like suck, unsatisfying, adulterous even when he himself boasted of groping different women. In fact, Harvard researchers found obvious gender imbalance in the area of media coverage. The researchers concluded that the media helped tear down Mrs. Clinton at the expense of her male counterparts.

To simply put, Mrs. Hilary-persona is beleaguered. Right from her days as first lady she’s been mired in legal indictment though no charges but it did however went a long way to discredit her integrity and trustworthiness. Her foe turned supporter Michael Chertoff agree to the fact that the accusations are overblown and very insignificant to the fundamental issues of the country but rather made to tame her image

Surprisingly, one would have naturally expected high level of acceptance of Mrs. Clinton by her fellow women. But it appears that even the women are unmoved by the feeling of having first woman president. Some went as far as trashing the idea that Mrs. Hilary’s life is an exemplar of successful career woman and avowed feminist. Critics say Mrs. Hilary used her marriage as an opportunity to bounce to the top of political hierarchy and her commitment to feminism is double standard…Mrs. Clinton was allegedly trashing women to blindly protect her adulterous husband- an offensive act for an assertive feminist.

As easy as it is to say Mrs. Hilary antipathy was fuelled by sexism, it is also obvious that Mrs. Hilary behavior goes a long way to invite this loathing. Her pushy and secretive behavior have created a negative impression of her to the public.


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