The republican candidate, Donald j trump wins victory over the former secretary of state Hilary Clinton in a divisive poll held on 9th of November, 2016. Americans, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, LGBTs, allies, foes, and world leaders have begin to weigh the cost and the possible best hope they have under trump presidency. Although, Mr. Trump has promised nothing more than fair relations if only they are wiling to get along.

The result of 9/11 (2016) poll is indeed a manifestation of our unbelieves and a reflection of the sharp division that has characterized US polity and social system overtime.

Analysts have come out to preempt the catastrophes that will fraught trump’s government and the national despair US system will endure for the next four years especially when expecting Mr. trump to pursue his campaign promises that are revolutionary, undemocratic, unprogressive and largely ununifying

Donald Trump has however proud himself as a builder of million Dollars Corporation capable of rebuilding America, though no misgivings, but, it should be clear that financial success does not make you a consummate politician. In fact, should Mr. Trump develop diplomatic and liberal culture today, the residue of his distasteful political campaigns will still not let him govern successfully. The country will be haunted by the shadows of the terrific images he has created

The egoistic businessman is a champion of jingoism and he has promised to pursue it to “make America great again”. It should be noted that United States attained the level of super power majorly by influencing policies and decisions at regional and global levels; its expeditions and interventions round the world secured her the noble diplomatic preferences it enjoyed today. US is an astute role player in the international comity of nations but with a seeming isolation policy ahead, an effective interaction may no longer be expected of her.

But we can only hope that the election of (9/11) 2016 is only a déjà vu and will not end up bringing down America like the 2001 September 11 attack.


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