In reacting to the unprecedented increase in violence against women , on November 24 (International Day of  ending violence against women)  the United Nations launched a 16 day campaign to advocate for the end of all forms of violence against women.
Violence in a verbal sense is an act that causes destruction, pain and suffering. From age long, women being a weaker sex, have had to cope with harmful traditional , cultural and religious laws that suppresses their wellbeing and breeds violence against them.
Countless despicable cultural believes have opened women to injuries, pains and deaths. African culture as dynamic as it is, are not without flaws. It carries lethal laws and are exploited to cause violence against women.
The religious and social settings of our environments encourages violations of women’s rights and protection.
So far, Only few improvements have been made to promote and secure women’s lives.
The increasing deaths of women in homicide and suicide are fast documented. Nearly three out of five women have been killed either by former or current lover.
The Lancet, a ,medical journal, published that in all homicide cases of which women are victims, about 13.5% was committed by an intimate partner. It also revealed that women are more likely than men  to be  killed by their partners.
The WHO global report on the prevalence of violence against women – in data collected from 81 countries from 1983- 2012, at least approximately 30% of women have experienced either physical or sexual violence at hands of partner, an addition of 7% report sexual violence from someone who is not their partner.
Violence against women is from ending until stringent mechanisms are being put in place to check these vices. Vicious laws must me abolished and women friendly environment must be created by government . Men must equally join hands to end the violence at least for the sake of their sisters, daughters and mothers.



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