Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Ankara, Turkey


Turkish policeman crying “Aleppo” and “revenge” shot dead Russia’s ambassador to Turkey at an art exhibition in Ankara on Monday. Andrei Karlov died of his wounds after the shooting. Moscow described the incident as  a “terrorist act.
Russia has been supporting the Syrian Armed Forces SAF, backed by Syrian government since 2015. Russia’s military armed forces had collaborated with SAF to fight the rebel forces who had taken control of Syria’s major cities including Aleppo.
Currently the joint military operations between Russia and Syrian government has significantly helped to retake Syria from the rebel’s hands.
Turkey and Syria had stand on opposite sides on the war in Syria. Turkey has so far thrown his support behind the rebel, along with the United States.
The last time Ankara-Moscow relations was strained this bad was in November 2015 when Turkey shot down Russia’s military plane claiming it had declared it a no fly zone. However, turkey has also recorded several catastrophic events that greatly threatens its national security. Most of it were orchestrated by the Kurdish militant group and the Islamic State.
Attack on diplomats is a grave breach of International Law and its clearly stated in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.
United Nations has condemned the attack saying “there’s no justification for an attack on diplomat” United States followed suit to denounce the attack and hope that the perpetrator is brought to book.
    May Andrei Karlov Rest in Peace.


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