Since the start of civil war in Syria, means of livelihood has been completely shut down. Men who stand as breadwinners are lost in the war leaving behind their families to fend for themselves. Under the worst condition, women and children struggle each day just to get by.
Naheed a Syrian mother and a widow narrates her ordeal in tears. As she mumbled out words, she expresses how it feels to flee her home with her child strapped to back to a tiny hide out with no possession. All for the sake of survival. Now that she has fled the war to safety, staying alive is what is important she says. Unfortunately, life for Naheed has been darn difficult. She faces serious challenges feeding her only surviving child and herself on daily basis.
Naheed is among the projected 4 million Syrians who are left stranded by the war. Their hopes now rest on the “lifesaving food package” delivered by the World Food Program WFP.
Through the humanitarian intervention, the World Food Program continues to impact lives and change stories in the middle East. The WFP is stepping up donations to ensure that war victims in Syria does not emancipate and die of hunger. The food package helps to mitigate hunger crisis in towns and inner cities of Syria that are hit hardest by war. Small families especially women and children get monthly deliveries of food to sustain and stay alive.
Plumpy’Doz-an enriched peanut paste is given specially to children to prevent deadly malnutrition. Like every other children, Naheed’s child lives on this nutritional supplement to survive.
The WFP food donation in Syria has increasingly suppressed hunger crisis that has been on  rise since the mother of all wars began in 2012. Although, the WFP food donation faces fund restrain, the organization is still very committed to its food relieve initiative.

Syrian woman living through the destructions of war


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