Women and girls are hit the hardest in the Boko Haram insurgency of the Northeast part of Nigeria. Since the war began in 2012, more than 2,000 girls and women have been abducted without hope of return.

Three in every five girls have been killed, kidnapped, beaten or raped by the vicious Boko Haram Terrorist group.

The horror of the insurgency has created psychological trauma in the hearts and minds of the N/east women and girls. Many of them struggle with the mental and physical damage of sex slavery or the emotional loss of loved ones.

The insurgency war has separated more women and girls from their families, husbands and children than any internal crisis in Nigeria history.

Hussaina Dahiru, one of the escaped abductees of Boko haram kidnapping was barely sixteen years old when she had to carry unsolicited pregnancy as a result of the constant rape she experienced in the terrorist group’s den.  Unfortunately, she died at child birth.

Several girls like Dahiru are there in the terrorized N/east of Nigeria with little or no hope. They are kidnapped and forcefully married off or at times, raped and dumped to deal with the unwanted pregnancy.

UN Women, an international agency focused on the protection and empowerment of women and girl child is standing up to mitigate the psycho-mental trauma of women and girls in the N/east of Nigeria.

The agency has initiated an Emergency Assistance Response to aid the recovery of girls and women of the insurgency. The victims are given refuge and psycho-social support as well as, economic empowerment to rebuild and integrate them back to the society.

The humanitarian initiative has benefited hundreds of girls and women incredibly and it is laud by Nigerian government.

Special Thanks To UN Women.


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