Threats We Can Not Ignore

Jihadists forces have been unleashed in our midst to threaten our very human existence and wreak havoc in the most inconceivable ways on humanity.
Jihadists are crazy self-proclaim prophets with fanatical religious mindset. They are threats to our world peace and our existence. Therefore, world leaders and armed forces must not grow weary in fighting islamist radicals and sieving out radical religious ideologies.
Terrorism is one too long evil that has stayed with us. Not because we see it as the new normal, but because the nature and strategy upon which it is carried out makes it difficult to be easily repelled.
Islamists Jihadists mission according to Jay Sekulow is to build a new caliphate for Allah where Sharia law will be the highest authority and Muslims are in control. For this sake, the Jihadists terrorists will not mind perpetuating all sorts of atrocities including beheading children, women and men, wiping out villages, cities and nations, bombing markets, churches, mosques and schools, kidnapping people for senseless slaughter or slavery.
If you are puzzled on why Jihadists have impregnable hardness to build a global islamist state, here is the answer:
   It is only through Islamist caliphate Muslims will be unified, bond and live together in common faith. And it is where the divine law of Sharia can only be administered without opposition.
This is why Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi the radical leader of ISIS mentioned in his sermon in the grand mosque in Mosul Iraq that:
… to announce a caliphate and appoint a leader is an obligation upon Muslims. An obligation which has been made lost for centuries and absent upon earth’s existence.
Radical islamist groups are seeking to reestablish a new caliphate across the world to replace the one abolished in 1924 after the fall of the Ottoman empire. The islamist militants want to transform the House of War (dar al- harb) to House of Islam (dar al- Islam). Meaning, territories controlled by non-muslims will be subjected under territories ruled by Sharia law.
The author Jay Sekulow talked about how we cannot afford to grow weary in the fight against terrorism and terrorists or let our hunger for peace to obscure us from seeing our enemy’s desire for war. At such, we must be war-ready against terrorists.
Threats level of terrorist attack on people and on countries are severe and high. To now save ourselves and avert future attack, we must well coordinate our intelligence sharing either joint or independent on terrorism analysis and equip our armed forces. We must offer our full support to the authorities and keep the spirit of humanity unbroken. Our values, our way of life, our country must always prevail over terrorist ideology.

Jay Sekulow, Rise of ISIS


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