Yemen Is Reaching A Point Of No Return

Brutal conflict, fire shelling, forced displacement, death, hunger and poverty are what describe the living situation in the Islamic Republic of Yemen. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) revealed a pathetic report on the living condition of the people of Yemen after carefully observing the devastating effect of the 8 year internal crisis.
UNOCHA reports that 2.1 billion dollars will be required to meet Yemen’s most urgent humanitarian needs. About 18.8 million people in Yemen need some form of humanitarian assistance. In fact, about 7 million Yemenis, as of today, do not know the source of getting next meal. Children have emaciate, homes are displaced, medical facilities have significantly shrink, ports have become inactive or perhaps in partial working capacity.
Yemen is one of the vulnerable states in Middle East struggling with Islamist militancy- the Houthi rebels and the Al-qaeda forces.
The Houthi insurgents forcefully seized power and declared a unity government in 2014. By 2015, Yemen has been riven by battle and conflict. The Arab league, led by Saudi Arabia, began the bombing and missile attack against the Houthi rebels just so to suppress the militants. Today, Yemenis suffer from extreme devastation and poverty. The loss of lives and infrastructure is completely irreparable.


According to UNOCHA, 8 million people in Yemen stand at risk of water borne disease and other communicable diseases. There’s overcrowding of temporary settlements and threat of famine. United Nations and other international agencies have appealed for peaceful settlement of conflicts which continues to exacerbate for the past two years. Regardless of the national talks between the warring parties and international agencies, settlement of conflict still looks very unlikely.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UNOCHA


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