The Paris Agreement on climate change has received more debate than any other international pact in recent times. With United States opting out one could only wonder if the agreement is sustaining? However, we look at some facts on Climate Change & the Paris Agreement:

Climate change is a real threat.
The scientific community confirmed that the world is warming up as a result of human activity. Emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels has led to buildups of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, preventing heat from escaping into space. The process of warming is a slow one, but we can expect those atmospheric gases to lead to increased global temperatures for which there’s already evidence-rising sea levels, increased ocean acidification,flooding and severe droughts.

Job Creation
The regulations under the Paris agreement open more opportunities to Green Innovations and technology. Regulation itself can create jobs if complied with. The energy industry offers an example of the mixed results of environmentally friendly changes. The job growth in solar and wind energy in recent years has been dramatic; there are far more people now working in the solar industry. The Chinese have found the Paris Agreement has an opportunity to expand their economy by inventing in environmentally friendly technologies.

The Threat To Global Health Is Real.
There exists a real threat to global health from climate change. Warmer temperatures mean more mosquito and borne diseases. Climate change may worsen asthma. Higher temperatures mean more heat-related deaths, including from heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

Greenhouse Emission Will Be Reduced
With or without United States, emission will drop and the world will become healthy once again. Industries across the world-even in United States, will shift to embrace less-polluting energy generation systems with time. The prices for solar panels have already started plunging, and there’s massive boom in natural gas.


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