Israel And Arab Ties- How Possible?

Ever since Israel fought the Arabs and captured the Gaza Strips, West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967, relations between Israel and Arab States have gone sour. The ceaseless bombardment of Palestinians by Israel and refusal of Israel to accept the two-state solution as an alternative to its forceful settlement in Palestine territory further aggravated the long standing feud.
However, surprisingly, in recent times, few Arab states have started to show different attitude towards Israel. For instance, Egypt and Jordan have established some form of security ties with Israel. Egypt and Jordan now share close intelligence with Israel to fight the Islamic militants. The United Arab Emirates has in recent years allowed the participation of Israeli citizens in sporting events or meetings of the International Renewable Energy Agency. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister also boasted of Israel having quiet ties with Arab countries, though he refuses to call out names. In his meeting with President Donald Trump, they both cheerfully say “We now have some pretty good cooperation from people who in the past would never, ever have thought of doing this- referring to the Arab countries.
Our enquiry into the Israeli-Arab alliance shows that many Sunni-Arab states now feel less threatened by Israel than by Iran. The Sunni Muslims see Iran as a distrustful growing menace in the Middle East. The Sunni-Arabs have accused Iran of destabilizing the Middle-East by supporting the rebels and militants from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Saudi Arabia in itself, share this view.
The P.M. Netanyahu believes the interests of the Sunni Arab countries well align with those of Israel and so, they can work together. His former security adviser Yaakov Amidor  was quoted saying: Efforts are underway to bring Israeli-Sunni Arab alliance out of the shadow.


No Arab State will officially establish any relations whatsoever with Israel especially when Israel and Palestine are yet to make peace. However, the Arab countries developing intelligence sharing with Israel are doing so because of  United States role in Middle East and as a close ally of Israel. Many Arab countries have recognised that to get to United State they have to somehow relate with Israel. In fact with Pres. Trump and PM Netanyahu displaying more affection than during the Obama administration, many Arab states may now feel more pressurized to relate with Israel than before.

Associated Press


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