G20 Summit

The group of 20 that makes world’s top economic powers gathered in Hamburg, Germany for talks and negotiations. The summit which began with the hope of finding political solutions to problems of international development ended up passing mixed messages to the world. So far, the 2-day summit technically amplified the difficulty in international cooperation and international agreement.
Takeaways from the summit were:
Trump calling for cooperation with Moscow and advising US people at home to move forward from the election hacking. Trump and Putin agreed on cease fire over Southern Syria conflict calling it ‘life saving’
Protectionism in international trade was clearly denounced by the economic leaders.  Unfair idea of keeping out foreigner to protect domestic workers and companies was trashed out. However, support for free trade was reaffirmed.
On climate change, United States remains out of the deal, while the other 19 pledged support for Paris agreement.
Mexico president- Enrique Pena Nieto and President Donald Trump shake hands amidst diplomatic acrimony. Both presidents talked on ways to help blue collar workers, reduce drug trafficking and illegal migration.
Violent protest soon erupt against the backdrop of the G20 summit. At least 159 police officers injured and more than 100,000 anti-globalists took part in the demonstration.


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  1. Trump’s performance was pretty disappointing, but I’m glad he’s going forward with Mexico; they could be a valuable partner on many fronts, least of all drugs and trade. Now we’ll just have to see if the talk turns into action.


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