Meet Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund- First Woman To Lead U.N peacekeeping mission

Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund is the first female United Nations force commander and the first woman to lead United Nations peacekeeping mission. Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund is from Norway and in 2014, the then-U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon appointed her to command the U.N. Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus.
Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund began her journey in Lebanon in 1986, as a transport officer for U.N. she went ahead to serve as a standby force for U.N in Norway and also as a NATO force in Afghanistan. Her role in the Gulf War and Balkan crisis helped shape her experience on peace and war.
In Cyprus, Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund led more than 1,100 personnel in maintaining the cease-fire between Greek and Turk Cypriots that has been in effect since 1974. Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund recounts that she had to work twice as hard as the men so that “they could notice my work and see that I could actually do the job”.
In 2016 last year, Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund ended her tour of duty and returned to Norway to teach at the Norwegian Defence University College. Note that, no other woman have yet been appointed as U.N. force commander, neither during Lund’s tenure nor since her departure. Lund is however optimistic that qualified women are coming through the pipeline, and she believes it’s only a matter of time until there’s a second female force commander.




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